Conflict is inevitable.  We cannot prevent it, however some kinds of conflict can be beneficial. 

Ineffective and harmful responses to conflict can be avoided, and effective and beneficial responses to conflict can be learned.

The Conflict Dynamic Profile (or CDP) can help an individual, group/team, or organization to identify Constuctive and Destructive Responses to conflict.

The Conflict Dynamic Profile provides a complete "conflict profile" by providing feedback on:

  • What provokes an individual (Hot Buttons)
  • How that individual perceives the way s/he typically responds to conflict
  • How others view that individual as responding to conflict
  • How the individual responds before, during, and after conflict (Dynamic Conflict Sequence)
  • Which responses to conflict have the potential to harm one's position in his/her particular organization (Organizational Perspective on Conflict)

Want to know your Conflict Competencies?  Or your Teams? Or Organizations?   Want to know how to strengthen your existing conflict competencies?  How to improve others?  The CDP can help.

Nancy is certified in the use of the Conflict Dynamic Profile.

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